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infiniq Data Studio

DataOps, a helper of AI innovation

To develop highly advanced AI models and make them market-ready,
it is crucial to build and manage vast datasets and engage in collaborative
insight reviews among various organizations throughout the iterative process of evaluating models. Data engineers, data scientists, AI engineers, technical partners,
and various decision-making organizations help extract insights from data and
accelerate the development of competitive AI applications.
INFINIQ's DataStudio is an AI data workflow and algorithm lifecycle management service framework based on DataOps that can be integrated and operated with customers' businesses. Show DataOps more

Our Services

Discover the technologies of INFINIQ, who leads tomorrow’s innovation.

  • Data Service INFINIQ offers comprehensive services across all stages of the data workflow for AI models, providing diverse and suitable datasets. Its key objective is to enhance the performance of AI models through iterative data analysis. Show more
  • AI Development INFINIQ conducts research and development on DataOps technology for ML/DL datasets, as well as 2D/3D sensor data processing and recognition technology for computer vision. Show more
  • Smart Retail Mealy is a brand born out of 'Hex Vision X Retail' and is optimized for retail products, including general merchandise. Through AI-based computer vision technology unstructured object recognition in offline stores are possible.
  • Testing Service INFINIQ provides software and hardware quality testing services to enable quick response to various quality requirements of customer products. Show more