AI integrated monitoring solution HEIDI allows you to
search videos in natural language and de-identify personal information.

  • 비식별 처리 이미지
    Process Large Amounts of Vision Data

    Quickly De-identify Personal Information in
    Videos and Images

    Automatically de-identifies personal information contained in vast amounts of data.

  • 리플레이스 이미지
    Content Quality Conservation

    Maintains Original Content Quality
    With Replace Feature

    While protecting personal information, content quality can be maintained by preserving information necessary for content creation and training of artificial intelligence models.

    What is REPLACE?

    Feature that protects personal information by replacing personal information in images/videos with virtual person faces or license plates using AI model.

  • 하이디 대시보드 이미지
    Improved Usability

    Provides Integrated Dashboards for
    Reliable Operation and Management

    Provides an integrated dashboard for efficient business management and monitoring.

  • 비식별화 처리 보고서 이미지
    Compliance with the Public/Corporate Privacy Act

    Respond to
    Privacy Compliance

    Supports programs that can systematically manage the privacy activities and history of vision data.

  • 소프트웨어 품질인증서 이미지
    Reliable Product

    Verified Technology and
    Product Reliability

    GS Certification Grade 1 SOTA(State of the Art)
Application Fields
  • Public and Local Governments

    Privacy compliance support

    공공 및 지자체 아이콘
  • Enterprise

    Secured big data utilization and improved content utilization

    기업 아이콘
  • Media

    Processing large amounts of content privacy preserving content quality and utilization

    미디어 아이콘
  • Personal

    De-identify personal information of individual-created content for safe use

    개인 아이콘

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