AI integrated monitoring solution that
ranges from personal information protection to
object search and crowd turbulence risk analysis.

AI integrated monitoring solution

  • Personal information
    tailored to the purpose

    Replace / Blur

    It automatically anonymizes personal information contained within visual data. Suitable for bulk data processing.

  • Tracking the movements
    of specific individuals
    suitable for
    text and image searches

    Through the search function, it quickly identifies suitable individuals in CCTV footage or videos and can track their movements.

  • Predicting crowd density
    and potential danger
    situations using
    intelligent video
    analysis technology

    It prevents potential risks such as crowd turbulence, significantly enhancing safety at large-scale events or crowded public spaces.

Proven Technical Expertise and Product Reliability

  • good software 1등급 인증 이미지

    Good Software

    Certification Grade 1
  • TTA 인증 이미지


  • KISA 가명정보 지원 플랫폼 등록 이미지


    Anonymized Information
    Support Platform Registration

Wide Range of Application Areas and Expected Effects

  • 대중교통 아이콘

    Public Places

    It can prevent terrorism in public places such as airports, train stations, subway stations, and respond quickly and accurately in emergencies.

  • 카메라 아이콘

    Broadcast Media

    It can rapidly anonymize personal information in video materials used for broadcasting.

  • AI 아이콘

    AI Training Institution

    It generates usable data for AI training while ensuring data privacy through advanced anonymization technology.

  • CCTV 통합 관제센터 아이콘

    CCTV Integrated
    Control Center

    At each local control center, it is possible to predict local crimes in advance and enable quick and effective responses.

  • 병원, 기업 아이콘

    Corporations, etc.

    It enhances customer's privacy protection and provides rapid response in emergency situations through security cameras.

  • 국가시설 아이콘

    National Critical

    It can enhance security when implementing national critical infrastructure and military facilities categorized as first, second, and third levels, where access by the general public is restricted.

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