Autonomous Driving
Data Solution

Provides high-quality data total services for autonomous driving development.

Multiple sensor fusion, simultaneous acquisition of meta information, securing high-quality data, etc fully responds to the comprehensive technical requirements for high-precision autonomous driving.

  • Sensor Fusion Technology
    For More Information

    By acquiring and converging various sensor data, advanced information can be utilized. It has various sensor fusion technologies such as Auto Calibration and Targetless Calibration.

  • Autonomous Driving Data
    From Various Environments

    INFINIQ's own collection vehicle allows you to collect data from various domestic and international environments. Provides autonomous driving data in a variety of environments that clients need.

  • Enhanced
    Data Preprocessing Technology

    It is possible to secure high-quality autonomous driving data through INFINIQ's unique pre-processing technology such as AI profiler and various sensor data authoring tools.

  • Training Technology
    For Sustainable Growth

    By providing continuous training environment through the data pipeline, you can significantly reduce time to improve performance and expect high target performance in a short period of time.

  • Analysis/Monitoring
    With Visual Dashboard

    Provides reliable development processes by monitoring the entire process for autonomous driving technology development and by providing the feature to analyze the process efficiency.