Data Service

It has been important to construct high-quality mass datasets as AI transformation has expanded
across various industrial areas. INFINIQ has accelerated such a transformation based on the DataStudio
framework and provides the dataset construction service best fit for the whole data life cycle
across data design/collection/cleansing/labeling and dataset quality control.

Data Collection

Construct the source data available for AI recognition use.

Service Features
High-precision data collection such as multi-modal
data acquisition according to various environments,
scenarios, and sensor fusion
How to Collect
Support of driving logging, crawling, production, video
recording, studio running, and 2D+3D sensor fusion

Data Cleansing

Vast source-data characteristics are sorted to prepare effective target data.

Service Features
Characteristics are auto-sorted with techs of data
virtualization and computer vision used.
How to Cleanse
Data profiling, data curation, automatic deidentification

Data Annotation

GT is created by applying labeling methods best fit to AI algorithm learning.

Service Features
A labeling management solution into which the
knowledge of vision AI and labeling operation is
integrated Productivity and quality level maximized
with MyCrowd
How to Annotate
Meta tagging, BBox, Polygon, Semantic
Segmentation, Polyline,Cuboid, Point, Skeleton,
LiDar(3D PC)...

Data Inspection

Quality Control to secure quality metrics and quality goals of a dataset.

Service Features
Inspection with computer vision technologies and
by data quality experts
How to Inspect
Inspection of compatibilities in meaning and syntax according to Dataset Quality Standards Systematic quality control about typical error types
: Object missing, fit, class mismatch